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Rak Hotspot Miner V2

RAK Hotspot Miner being the first third-party Hotspot on The People’s Network is a miner with a customized function exactly like a Helium Hotspot but it comes with a different look and feels. The RAK Hotspot Miner supports all LoRaWAN frequency channels and is easy to configure while building the firmware from the source code. More so, everything else about a RAK Hotspot Miner from its earning capabilities, coverage creation, and more to other things is the same or very similar to a Helium Hotspot. A Rak hotspot miner comes as an equipped tool out of the box with a good antenna for a good mining process.

However, you can boost your earnings easily if you optimize your antenna and its location. Each placement demands a well-matched antenna to provide value to the hotspot network and consequently also earn the most HNT possible for that location. The Rak hotspot miner V2 is a bundle of 5.8dBi gain LoRa® antenna specially packaged for all Helium Hotspot, it however already includes an RP-SMA connector for your convenience and a bracket for easy installation.

The included antenna connector is RP-SMA male and it is fully compatible with RAK’s WisGate Developer Gateways and Hotspot V2.RAK Hotspot Miner makes use of the power of Helium LongFi™ to get started, but you have to make sure you have the Helium App downloaded to your mobile device.RAK Hotspot Miners normally earn HNT when devices connect, and for validating wireless coverage delivered by peers.

When using the Proof-of-Coverage system, RAK Hotspot Miners earn more HNT when they’re in range of other RAK Hotspot Miners, but need to be at least 300 meters apart. This range depends on the environment, for rural areas up to 10 miles or more, but more dense areas up to a mile. However, single RAK Hotspot Miners earn less as they can only issue Challenges over the internet, and can’t participate in Proof-of-Coverage. RAK Miner v2 is a powerful IoT antenna, which provides huge access to a new generation of people-powered wireless networks.

rak hotspot miner v2 antenna

The Rak hotspot Miner V2 is a ready-to-use LoRaWAN indoor gateway powered by the Helium LongFi™ Network, and this helium provides miles of wireless network coverage and data transmission capacity for LoRaWAN devices. The Rak hotspot V2 is built around Raspberry Pi and has features such as 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Ethernet, and Bluetooth 5.0, BLE. This is the EU868 version which is for use in the UK and Europe and is fully CE marked and compliant. Rak Hotspot miner V2 earns cryptocurrency when devices connect, and for validating wireless coverage delivered by peers.

Using a system called Proof-of-Coverage, Rak Hotspot miner V2 earns more HNT when they’re in range of other RAK Hotspot V2, but need to be at least 300 meters apart. Range depends on the environment, for rural areas up to 10 miles or more, but more dense areas up to a mile. In the case of a single Rak Hotspot miner V2, the device will earn less as they can only issue Challenges over the internet, and can’t participate in Proof-of-Coverage.

Rak v2 Miner Size

There is not a lot inside the box from the left to the right you can see the power supply with a standard USB-c connector. In the middle, it’s the rak v2 miner itself. It’s about 57 mm x 68 mm x 92 mm so it’s small and easy to store in a small space. This box is full of metal and this is very important on different points: The Rak hotspot Miner v2 also has an added security chip, a new configuration button, and an eliminated need to back up the SD card. This helps comply with the standards outlined in HIP 19 for third-party manufacturers.

Conclusively, the RAK hotspot is a cool miner, that is it works well with a really good radio performance, a tiny size, and a really good enclosure for the RPI4 heat sink, and the right price for this miner is correct according to the usual price of LoRaWan gateway and the extra element needed for Helium. This RAK hotspot miner V2 is fully functioning in terms of radio signal generation, and it is as well capable of generating a beacon signal at 868MHz, and also its sensitivity for witnessing is very high. Rak Wireless makes LoRaWan gateways for a while and they are experts in radio communications, you should know that there is no big surprise about them because this miner comes with a whole lot.

Rak V2 Miner Setup

The Rak V2 miner is such an amazing piece of machine that when you look at the box of this Miner v2, you will see that it is used for mining HNT cryptocurrencies via Helium, and this device comes with a card that serves as a power adapter, including an antenna that serves as a quick start guide next to the hotspot device. This card is quite important because you will need to write some information on it and keep them safe. Before getting started, it’s important to follow the instructions which will be laid out here to avoid any damage to your RAK Hotspot miner, and also get familiar with the steps, the interfaces of the products, and the pieces of equipment you will need to get started.

Nevertheless, if you have gotten yourself the Rak V2 miner, then before installing it, you need to make sure to get the highest possible speed package from your internet service provider, and also do not forget to request a static IP. You can use the Wi-Fi connection in setting up this device, but a wired connection via the Ethernet port will be much more stable and a great option.

Rak V2 Miner

To get started with the Rak V2 miner setup, you have to follow a few steps below that will assist you in installing the RAK Miner v2. Firstly, you have to make sure you have the Helium App downloaded to your mobile device, and it should be of a minimum version of app version 2.5.0 for iOS and Android OS 8 and above. Once you have the app downloaded and also a wallet created, you can then unbox your RAK V2 Miner and get ready.

Continue by connecting the RAK Hotspot Miner v2 to the power socket through the power adapter where you will then plug into the USB-C port on it, after doing so a red LED above it will light up. Immediately the helium app is done downloading, open it and have your phone’s Bluetooth connection turned on. It may take up to a minute for the RAK Hotspot Miner to completely boot up with Bluetooth, but you should note that there is no blue light from the RAK Hotspot Miner to indicate it’s in pairing mode, but the RAK Miner v2 will automatically pair with your phone.

It can be said that it is not necessary to press any button on the hotspot device on the screen of the application, though first-party devices have a physical button and you have to press it. After pairing the Bluetooth and establishing a connection between the hotspot device and your phone, you can now select the brand of your hotspot device from the list. The first connection should be made via Wi-Fi, in which you can select the Wi-Fi network your phone connects to from the screen of the Helium application and connect. You should then allow the Helium app to find your location by giving location permission, and you should also be specific with your exact location or approximate location.

Rak V2

The onboarding flow doesn’t end here. In setting up a Rak V2 miner, you have to make sure you select a good place for the Hotspot so it has a clear view of the sky because obstructions and hidden Hotspots drastically reduce earnings and coverage. Well, you also have to confirm the Hotspot Location and also set up its antenna details, however, this is free for the first assertion because the fee is been paid by you for each additional assert. Moreover, if you are not ready to set a location, you can do so later by pressing Skip for now. You should enter the antenna’s information which will appear automatically for each brand, but if you are going to use a different antenna, it is advisable as well that you also enter its information.

How To setup Rak v2

Not just that, you also need to enter information about the height of the antenna from the ground and be aware that this altitude information should not be from sea level, but the ground of your current location or building. Without much stress, the Hotspot is now being added to the Network, and because this is a blockchain, your Hotspot may take a few minutes to appear in the app. With this, you can view and manage your Hotspot in the Hotspots tab of the mobile app. Not forgetting, after setting up your Rak V2 miner, there is what they call a synchronization process that will take up to two days, and which during this time, the RAK Hotspot Miner v2 will be downgrading the blockchain to local, and within this period, you may feel that the device is getting a little warm.

However, it should be noted that the temperature is very low at the normal time. Meanwhile, you can access your wallet, hotspot status, and various settings through the Helium app on your phone, and after the synchronization of your device is finished, you will see a green indicator in the form of “Synced” in the application. It’s not the same in some cases, as you may rather see a yellow sign that says “Relayed”.This will therefore mean that the connection is not fully established, but you don’t have to worry about that because you can complete the necessary settings by entering the port forwarding section in the modem settings. When all this is done, you can now start earning Helium tokens also known as crypt currency.

Rak Hotspot Miner V2 Profitability

The Rak Hotspot Miner is the first third-party Hotspot on The People’s Network, the RAK Hotspot Miner is customized to function exactly like a Helium Hotspot but with a different look and feel. Everything else about a RAK Hotspot Miner from its earning capabilities, coverage creation, and more are the same or very similar to a Helium Hotspot. The Rak hotspot miner v2 comes with an excellent build quality. It’s the only miner with a rugged aluminum enclosure making the RAK hotspot a cool miner. The mining network is growing and the price of its cryptocurrency is on a general upward trend.

This is because it’s a peer-to-peer network and anyone who gets a Rak hotspot miner has the potential to earn cryptocurrency. All you need is a place to put that will help to provide a reliable internet connection. Once you become part of The People’s Network, you can earn HNT. How much you earn or mine will depend upon how much your hotspot is used to transfer data and other factors.

How To Earn HNT With RAk v2

However, the first way to earn HNT is by simply transferring data from devices on the Helium network, around one-third of the mining rewards are for transferring data, and how much is received depends on how much data the Hotspot is responsible for. Another way to earn profitability is with proof-of-coverage challenges, the Rak hotspot miner V2 will randomly choose a hotspot to issue a challenge to another hotspot, with this activity, the challenger hotspot is asking another to transmit proof of its network coverage. This challenge is then “witnessed” by other nearby hotspots, and the hotspot involved in the challenge will earn a portion of the profitability allocated for a challenge.

You’re going to have more opportunities to get involved in these activities if you live in an urban area with lots of hotspots around, but at the same time, you’ll also be splitting those payouts with a greater number of hotspots. Depending on your location, the current profitability of the Rak hotspot miner V2 can be very high. Depending on the manufacturer, each Rak Hotspot miner V2 generates the most earnings when it operates in an area with a dense concentration of IoT devices. Even when placed in a semi-populated area, each hotspot mining unit may generate up to $50 per day. The rewards could be bigger if there are other miners around.

rak hotspot miner v2 discount code

Meanwhile, hotspots that are placed further than 300-350 meters benefit one another, this is because HNT earnings depend on the value the hotspot gives to the network. Hotspots surrounded by neighbors can validate their wireless coverage and earn even higher rewards. However, the current profitability of Rak hotspot miner V2 is not sustainable and wasn’t designed to remain high, so this means that high profitability doesn’t guarantee a Hotspot that will ship in 8 months to still be worth purchasing. To wrap it all, Mining has become quite lucrative lately, with some Hotspot owners earning well more than about $1,000 in a month. However, only some Hotspots are earning these high numbers while others, even in similar areas, will earn far less. At this point, Hotspots are essentially being rewarded for constructing the network.

The mining network favors broad coverage, so if you can expand the network to a new area then your profitability is bound to be high. However, as more Hotspots come online the density will increase and result in less work for each Hotspot to do, normally this is supposed to happen. As the network gets more robust, it will start to attract more clients who will purchase data credits and use the network for its intended purpose.

This will be the start of a new income stream for Hotspots miners who will be rewarded for serving this data. But once the network gets to this point, it will need strong coverage which means additional Hotspots may be viable. Keep in mind that two hotspots located closer than 300-350 meters apart, reduce the mining profitability. Rak Hotspots provide long-range coverage, and thus if placed too close, they will compete and take profit from each other. Also, if there are not a lot of hotspots in your area, earnings will not be as high.

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